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*Instructor training* Release Forward - A Yoga/Coaching Program for the Incarcerated (6.5 hour course) - $99 EARLY BIRD


The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away.

Are you a yoga instructor looking to explore new ways to bring yoga into underserved populations. Julie Wilkes has spent the last 2 years teaching yoga to inmates in the jails and correctional centers and has designed a program that is being rolled out across the state and country. Data collected has shown those inmates who go through this program have less disciplinarian issues, reframe their perspective on personal goals, are inspired to take care of themselves (which has a ripple effect), and realize how much they are cared about… this program is also intended to help reduce the recitivism rate, which currently says 2/3 of those who are in jail today will return (unless some intervention helps them to shift their direction). This is a powerful platform.

By taking this course with Julie, you will receive:

  • A 6-week program to launch in local jails/prisons/correctional centers that includes yoga, meditation and coaching.

  • Awareness of how coaching to this population needs to be modified to an awareness of sensitivities, needs and challenges.

  • Ongoing support as you launch yoga in local jails and centers (the business side of this program)

Julie has also secured partnerships with several institutions across Ohio and beyond - and will need to ramp up those contracts and will offer these opportunities to those who graduate from this course. This course offers Yoga Alliance training credits.

This is an inspirational, motivating course that is unlike any program on the market. You will leave this training feeling connected to a purpose and know the impact you will be making with this population is extraordinary.